Saskatchewan Canada Hunting

Saskatchewan, Canada is a hunting experience that should be at the top of every waterfowl hunter's list. We pride ourselves on being the premier waterfowl outfit in Canada where your group can expect swaths of large groups of, in your face, ducks and geese accompanied by world class gear, calling, and retrievers.


With a guide in the field and three scouts on the road everyday, the odds are vastly stacked in our favor on finding your field of dreams day in and day out. Saskatchewan allows generous limits that provides a truly thrilling opportunity to hunt ducks and geese in the "Land of the Living Skies" .


Our hunts begin September 1st through the end of October. ALL INCLUSIVE  - 3 morning/nights lodging, meals, shells, licenses and bird processing. Gun rental optional. After each morning hunt, we return to the lodge for a large hot breakfast. Afternoon hunt if limits are not reached on morning hunt, we then return to an incredible home cooked southern meal while your favorite football game plays on one of our satellite TVs.


Join us on the Canadian prairie for the waterfowling experience of a lifetime.

"If you're looking to enjoy a classic dry field Mallard hunt on The Canadian Prairie, look no further than TJ and Ashton Mallette at Black Duck Waterfowl. They make a great team and you will be treated well both in the field and at the lodge."

- Jim Ronquest - RNT 


"There are a lot of outfitters out there and you never know what you're going to get. The small details make a huge difference in a successful hunt and a relaxing atmosphere.  TJ and Ashton deliver every single day to make sure you get what you came for and more. You won't find a better service than Black Duck Waterfowl, trust me!"

- Jake Latendresse - Latendresse Media